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Bonnie Habyan is a marketer, author, and motivational speaker. She is a brand specialist and has worked with CEOs and businesses across many industries to develop differentiating strategies to elevate and position their success.

Along with her expertise, she brings enormous passion and energy to every challenge and opportunity. From start up to mature companies, she knows what it takes to execute a strategy and deliver results.

She is currently a Chief Marketing Officer for a commercial real estate finance firm. She speaks on such topics as the importance of building a meaningful personal or corporate brand, how to accelerate your company’s growth, and how to position yourself for professional and business success.

“Marketing is all about positioning. Whether you are positioning a product or yourself for a new opportunity, it takes dedication, consistency, and persistence. Taking a deliberate step every day toward your goal puts you one step closer to it.”

Bonnie is also an author and released her debut book – a funny memoir about her 90-year-old mom, who she credits with teaching her the many life lessons that have helped her become who she is today.