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“Who Has Impacted Your Life and Have You Told Them Yet?”

Bonnie shares how you can give people a simple gift today that will change your life and theirs.

One of people’s greatest regrets are the things left unsaid to those who matter most – simple, but powerful things like, “Thank you. I love you. You made a difference.” In this talk, successful marketer, author, and inspirational speaker, Bonnie Habyan, urges everyone to identify and acknowledge those special people now. She tells them not to wait until it is too late. She shares some of the funny and touching lessons her special person taught her and explains how she made sure to let her know the impact she made on her life before she passed. She says letting people know what they mean to you right now is the single most beautiful gift one human can give to another, emphatically adding, “Do it today. You will be so happy you did.”

Bonnie Habyan is a keynote on the topics of marketing and branding. She brings enormous passion and energy with takeaway, put- into-action tips for all groups. In today’s world, connecting has never been more important.

People crave it, consumers demand it.

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